Google Dashboard Upgrade: Request a Review Link

Google is every so carefully dipping their toes in the water of providing real support. They seem to be moving at the speed of the slowest glacier but they are moving.

One much needed customer support feature, pushing the reconsideration link directly into the dashboard, was first seen early last summer. The following statement has been in the Google Help files in regards to suspensions and rejections for quite a while:

What can I do? Edit your listing so that it adheres to our guidelines, then request reconsideration of your listing within your account.

Note: Reconsideration is not currently available in all accounts.

The feature apparently is slooooowly making its way across the claimed listings and will eventually be available to all. I finally ran across an account that had a rejected listing and included the link.

While you are waiting for your very own “request a review” link to appear in your dashboard you just get to look at screen shots:

Initial Message (Click to see larger):

Message once the Review is Requested (Click to see larger):

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