This Week’s Wave Protocol Summit: Updates

We’ve just wrapped up day 3 of this week’s Wave Protocol Summit in San Francisco. Developers and industry partners have gathered from all over the world to discuss the architecture of Wave, opportunities for use in enterprise, government, and consumer technology, and the future of the open source project. The last few days have included a great mix of architecture presentations, technical discussions, and interesting demos using Wave technology (WaveLook, Novell Vibe,, and others).

Since the Wave in a Box announcement in September, progress has been rapid. We’ve recently added:

Wave in a Box “out of the box”

You can keep up to date by following the Progress Reports wave.

For the rest of this week we’ll be hacking on Wave in a Box, helping new contributors tackle some starter projects, resolving open issues, and adding even more functionality.

As a reminder, we’ll continue running at least through the end of the year. We’ve also recently introduced a wave export feature. In addition, we’re working on ways for you to access waves through Google Docs and we hope to share more on our progress soon.

If you’re following along from home, we’ll be sharing videos following the event — but please join us in the Wave Protocol group.

Posted by Dan Peterson, Product Manager