The beautiful interior of Allen Fieldhouse (University of Kansas)

While checking out the vendors at Where 2.0, I stopped to play with the Liquid Galaxy that was set-up in Google’s booth. Up there at the time happened to be Brian McClendon, VP of Engineering at Google and a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan. He was very excited to show me the new 3D model of Allen Fieldhouse, and for good reason — it’s stunning!

Like some other models we’ve shown you recently (such as Cowboys Stadium in Dallas), the real beauty of this model is the inside.


The level of detail inside of this stadium is amazing! Scoreboards, banners, hoops, rafters, seats, etc. It’s really like being there. Brian has expressed dismay that he wasn’t able to add another Championship banner to the stadium model this season, but there’s always next year.

Go check it out for yourself. Just use this KML file to fly down to Lawrence, Kansas to see just how impressive it is.