How to install Garmin gmapsupp.img in MapSource tutorial

Here is an instruction for installing of Garmin gmapsupp.img for viewing in MapSource

1. Download MapSource


2.Download cgpsmapper

3. Download wgmaptool

4.Extract archives on your PC

5.Install  MapSource.
6.Open wgmaptool.exe.
6.1 Browse to your gmapsup.img which you planning to install in  MapSource and push ОК.

6.2 Go to Options. Down in right corner there is a button with two dots – Push it and browse to cgpsmapper folder, go to cgpsmapper.exe and OK.

6.3 One of the Options is Split, go there and push button Directory. Here you should define destination folder.Do not touch the other options. Leave them by default.

6.4  Push Split all and you should receive something like:

6.5 Close wgmaptool.

7. Open destination folder from 6.3. There you have to see ready installation files for MapSource.

7.1 Execute install.bat, and the installation in MapSource begin.

After installation of your gmapsupp.img map in MapSouce you should Unlock the new mapset with the serial provided with purchasing of device (if you buy device with pre installed map) or in SD card.

via: offroad-bulgaria forum

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How to convert coordinates from degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal format


Here’s how to do it alone.
Conversion from degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal format:
Conversion is by adding degrees minutes divided by 60, plus seconds divided to 3600.

If we have  42° 41′ 48.6528″ 23° 19′ 14.9298″
42+(41/60)+(48.6528/3600) => 42.696848
23+(19/60)+(14.9298/3600) => 23.320813


Conversion from decimal format to degrees, minutes, seconds:

The number before the decimal point are degrees. Take only the decimal part and multiply by 60. The resulting number to the decimal point are minute. Again taking only the decimal part and multiply by 60. Receiving seconds.

42.696848 =>
42 degrees
0.696848 * 60 = 41.81088 => 41 minutes
0.81088 * 60 = 48.6528 => 48.6528 seconds
This equal to 42° 41′ 48.6528″