Fraunhofer FOKUS IMS Community Mashup

In the context of combining Telco network capabilities into 3rd party service scenarios and especially Web2.0 application mashups, the FOKUS competence centers for Next Generation Network Infrastructures and Open Communication Systems developed a Web2.0 enabler platform for Telcos. Its usage will be illustrated using a Telco/Web2.0 mashup application scenario that utilities IMS communication channels as well as typical Web2.0 enablers like maps and RSS/Atom feeds. The application is aligned to location-based services for communities that combine Web2.0 services and IMS communication services

SDI for Everyone

The topic of verbose metadata versus youtube-style metadata (a title and a video) in the context of Spatial Data Infrastructures is not new. Even publishers of geospatial content struggle with the verbose metadata standards that have been created over the years. Those metadata standards were not written with data discovery in mind. They resulted from the need for analysists to fully understand the data they were about to use to ensure it fit their purpose.

With the advent of the content sharing sites like Youtube or Flickr content sharing no longer was limited to the scientific/professional