Google Earth layers – NASA’s Earth Observation

NASA’s Earth Observation site dozens of layers of the global scientific data is formatted for viewing with Google Earth.

These are grouped into the ocean, atmosphere, energy, land, and the Life category. The layers are too many to list, but they include:

Sea surface temperature
Chlorophyll concentrations (MODIS)
Snow cover and sea ice extent
Cloud water content (MODIS)
Total precipitation (TRMM)
Water vapor (MODIS)
The temperature of the land surface
Active Fires (MODIS)
Land cover classification (MODIS)
Vegetation index [NDVI] (MODIS)
The population density

The layers are highlighted in red above were combined into a single network link, which you can download the screenshot below. This will give you a preview of some of the available data. Visit NASA’s Earth Observing site other overlays the data.

Download .KML file

Beautiful Google Earth Layers: The Castles of Italy

Edujoser a website dedicated to European castles, and created a collection of labelsshowing the location of 100s of castles in Italy. By Edujoser, the collection includes all medieval military buildings (castles, towers, ruins …), built to the XVI century(included) or later with defensive functions (forts, castles …). New castles palacesbuilt on the site of the previous medieval castle, are also included. Collection does not include a castle, palace or castle, built after the XVII century (inclusive) without thedefensive functions that do not meet the above criteria. The palaces of the XIX century and the revival of neo-Gothic castles are not included.

More information can be found on the Google Earth BBS and website Edujoser

Download .KML file

Beautiful Google Earth Layers 2: Satellites database

Database of about 12,000 man-made objects in Earth orbit. These objects are tracked U.S. Strategic Command and includes various collector, retired satellites and rockets left over from the launch.

The database is updated in real time every 30 seconds, and detailed information about each object, including the owner, date of start-up and visualization of orbits can be viewed in Google Earth by clicking on the object.

Download .kml file