Google Place Pages Sporting New Navigation Features

Yam Regev has pointed out several new navigation capabilities on a business’s Place page that allows users to more easily move through a list of Places returned from a Google Maps search result. The feature is only visible when a Place Page has been accessed via the list view resulting from a Map search and is currently not visible if a Places page is accessed from the main search results page or via Places search. The feature is visible in both UK and the US and possibly more widely.

It is not clear if it is a test or permanent or will be rolled out beyond the Map results view (click to view larger):

Consumer Attitudes and the Recommendations of Local Business

Bightlocal has released their findings from their Local Consumer Review Survey 2010, Part 3.

The survey highlights some interesting findings –
27% of consumers have recommended a local business on Facebook – rising to 32% in female consumers & also in younger consumers (aged 16-34)
Reliability, Professionalism & Friendliness are the most important traits that lead to a customer recommending a business
52% of customers would more likely to recommend a business if it had a good special offer.
40% of customers would be more likely to recommend a local business if they benefited directly

You should visit the site for all of the information but here are some of the highlights that interested me.

Which of these local business types have you/would you recommend to someone you know if you had a good or bad experience?

The types of businesses that are most frequently recommended are those that are most frequently used.

In the last 12 months have you recommended a local business to people you know by any of the following methods?

People are more lilkely to use word of mouth and Facebook to recommend local businesses than a review site.

Would you be more likely to recommend a local business to people you know if they had a good value offer or discount?

Folks are obviously motivated by self interest.

As Myles points out the things that people find important to recommend a business have always been the things that they have found important. A business should be friendly, professional and offer good value in the form of incentives.

But the survey raises the question of how, when and where a business should engage in the process and what value reviews have. Hopefully more on that tomorrow.

Google Dashboard Upgrade: Request a Review Link

Google is every so carefully dipping their toes in the water of providing real support. They seem to be moving at the speed of the slowest glacier but they are moving.

One much needed customer support feature, pushing the reconsideration link directly into the dashboard, was first seen early last summer. The following statement has been in the Google Help files in regards to suspensions and rejections for quite a while:

What can I do? Edit your listing so that it adheres to our guidelines, then request reconsideration of your listing within your account.

Note: Reconsideration is not currently available in all accounts.

The feature apparently is slooooowly making its way across the claimed listings and will eventually be available to all. I finally ran across an account that had a rejected listing and included the link.

While you are waiting for your very own “request a review” link to appear in your dashboard you just get to look at screen shots:

Initial Message (Click to see larger):

Message once the Review is Requested (Click to see larger):

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