New cities in Building Maker

Building Maker development continues at a torrid pace. Congratulations to the people of Rome, Italy; New Orleans, Louisiana; Long Beach, California and Malibu, also in California. Your metropolises (and/or pricey beach communities) are now proud members of the getting-less-exclusive-all-the-time cadre of cities in Building Maker. One hundred and fourteen—and counting!

Google Earth: Four new cities added to Building Maker: Rome, New Orleans, Long Beach, Malibu

Last month Google added some new features to Building Maker and this month they’ve added some new cities. The new cities added are:

• Rome, Italy

• New Orleans, Louisiana

• Long Beach, California

• Malibu, California


To try them for yourself, simply head over to the Building Maker site and get started!

If you’re not yet familiar with Building Maker, you can read this post on getting started with it, or watch the short video below.