Google Developer Day US -Making Maps Mashups Discoverable

“Making Maps Mashups Discoverable with Google Mapplets Thai Tran Thousands of Google Maps mashups have been created in the two years since we released the Google Maps API, but most of these sites are islands of information and few users know that they exist. We will discuss an approach to make these sites more discoverable by users around the world.

Second Edition of Making Maps Coming Next Year

Book cover: Making Maps, 2nd ed This is interesting: a second edition of John Krygier’s guide to map design, Making Maps, is coming out in February or March of next year. I reviewed the first edition way back in March 2006. John Krygier says that this a major revision: “This is no weenie update: Denis and I ruthlessly reorganized and rethought every bit of content in the book. I then redesigned the entire book and spent the better part of eight months producing it. We both think it’s a much better book.” Krygier includes sample pages demonstrating this on the blog entry announcing the new edition.