New SketchUp 8 books from Bonnie Roskes

The shelf of books about SketchUp 8 is getting heavier, I’m happy to say. Bonnie Roskes is the author of the very first SketchUp book, and has now also written the most recent. In fact, no one’s written more publications about SketchUp; if you count her excellent books for kids and educators, there are dozens. I honestly don’t know how she does it.

A lineup of Bonnie Roskes’ newest books

Bonnie’s latest additions to my library include:

  • An update to her popular “Hands On” series that covers version 8
  • A revised edition of her Student Workbook
  • A Delta book to fill you in on the differences between SketchUp 7 and 8
  • An overhauled tome about LayOut 3

All of Bonnie’s books are available as PDFs or printed copies, and they’re all for sale on her 3DVinci website. For students and teachers, she also has a Project of the Month subscription where three fresh, hot projects are delivered monthly to your inbox. I never miss ‘em.

Congrats on your new books, Bonnie. And if you get the chance, do you think I might be able to borrow the keys to the time machine I assume you have parked in your garage?

Saint-Exupery on Action and Responsibility

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.

–Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900–1944)
French aviator and writer

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Sales goals…

22 sales days remain in the year.

If you’ve not already gotten started on setting your goals for 2011, now’s the time.

Here’s our guide for your downloading pleasure. Let it be your framework.


Remember… Companies and people will buy this month and people will make decisions for 2011. Use every sales day completely.

Even if people don’t take action now, seeds will be planted.

Don’t waste a sales moment and don’t let anyone (including yourself) sell you on anything else. Be SalesTough.

German Street View Coverage Expands

Google’s limited coverage of Germany in Street View, which rolled out earlier this month in a few public areas and a single village, has now expanded to 20 cities; Google Earth Blog has a list.

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German Street View Coverage Expands first appeared on The Map Room: A Weblog About Maps on November 18, 2010. Copyright