SketchUp: More Building Maker cities

It’s a great day for the citizens of Argentina — and for Canadians in the nation’s capital. We’ve released new Building Maker imagery in six new cities:

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Córdoba, Argentina
  • Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  • Mendoza, Argentina
  • Rosario, Argentina
  • Ottawa, Canada

…but that’s not all! To help these cities get modeled, we’re having the first ever modeling competition for Building Maker. Starting today, you can create models in these six cities to win prizes in two different categories: Best Model and Most Models. The first place prize is a GPS-enabled digital camera; second place is a Building Maker shirt; and third is a Google travel mug. Have fun!

Google Maps API and The New York Times, the nation’s largest newspaper website, uses the Google Maps API to create interactive maps for its travel section and to help readers visualize local trends like crane incidents and homicides in New York City.

The 12 States of America

12 States of America (screenshot), The Atlantic

In the April 2010 print edition of The Atlantic, authors Dante Chinni and James Gimpel “analyzed reams of demographic, economic, cultural, and political data to break the nation’s 3,141 counties into 12 statistically distinct ‘types of place.’ When we look at family income over the past 30 years through that prism, the full picture of the income divide becomes clearer—and much starker.” The resulting maps — available online in an interactive version (Flash required) — show how each of “the 12 states” have fared between 1980 and 2010. More from the designers.