5 Minute Google Maps Spreadsheet Mashup App

Create a mashup that uses a spreadsheet data to map GPS coordinates and display a Google Map. This is a powerful example of the Open Source DocsFree Sheetster web spreadsheet server capabilities. Sheetster is open source you can download it now at Source Forge


See You Later ArcIMS

I for one am not going to shed an tear for ArcIMS.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a user of ArcIMS from version 3.0 to 9.1.  But since ArcGIS Server 9.2 as well as other open source mapservers, the need to even glance in its direction isn’t warranted.  Usually when we talk about ArcIMS, a couple folks rush to its defense.  Well go ahead and do that all you want – nobody is listening anymore, including Esri (kudos to Esri BTW on the sexy PDF in 2010).  But you ArcIMS fans need not worry – I’m sure Esri will be collecting maintenance on ArcIMS for years to come.

Hey — when the going gets tough, the tough move on to a modern mapserver.

SDI for Everyone

The topic of verbose metadata versus youtube-style metadata (a title and a video) in the context of Spatial Data Infrastructures is not new. Even publishers of geospatial content struggle with the verbose metadata standards that have been created over the years. Those metadata standards were not written with data discovery in mind. They resulted from the need for analysists to fully understand the data they were about to use to ensure it fit their purpose.

With the advent of the content sharing sites like Youtube or Flickr content sharing no longer was limited to the scientific/professional