Google’s 1st Result, Links Can Hurt, Bing Maps & Shopping

I did the month webmaster review of Google. Google’s Peter Norvig explained how not necessarily the most relevant.

Google I/O After Hours party is “Infinite Playground”

We announced I/O Live and invited you to display our HTML5 badge on your blog or website. Starting today, your I/O Live badge links to our new Google Earth mashup that lets you see what developers from all over the world are saying on the #io2011 hashtag.

In other news, the theme for this year’s Google I/O After Hours party is “Infinite Playground.” Starting at 6:30 P.M. on May 10, join us for a celebration of technical and artistic innovation with futuristic robots, transforming vehicles, and games from the visionaries at Gadgetoff, Maker Faire, MIT, Georgia Tech Center, iRobot, Madagascar Institute and others.

What’s a party without killer tunes? This year, we are pleased to present a live performance from Jane’s Addiction. The legendary band, including Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins, and Dave Navarro, will be headlining the party with a 45-minute set of their classics and a sneak peek at their upcoming album, The Great Escape Artist, which will be released in August. The line-up will be completed with San Francisco’s very own DJs Mark Farina and Miguel Migs with music visuals brought to you by Sexyvisuals.

“Destination Maps” for Your Holiday / New Year’s Parties

Over the next few weeks, there will be many holiday and New Year’s parties across the globe as we spend time with our families and welcome in 2011. I wanted to briefly re-visit a previously released Map App that is very timely for this time of the year – “Destination Maps”. When planning your party, this Map App lets you create custom mini-maps that you can save, print, or share via URL.

These maps can either help people who don’t know your location very well or just be a fun addition to a party invitation. And if you’re not having a party anytime soon, check it out anyways! You can choose from 4 different map styles, including the Treasure Map style as seen in the below example. Please note that the app takes between 2 and 4 minutes to generate the map.

Destination Maps Example

On behalf of everyone at Bing Maps, have a happy holiday and a great final few weeks in 2010. Enjoy!