Session videos from Google I/O now live

With Google I/O 2011 just two days behind us, we wanted to thank the nearly one million developers who joined us at Moscone Center, attended I/O Extended events, and watched online via I/O Live from 161 countries around the world. In addition to the announcements made at the keynote presentations, we had more than 30 announcements in our 110 sessions. HD recordings of all these sessions are now available online. Here are some of the announcements:

Highlights from this year’s event are posted at, where we are featuring photos, announcements, and the latest videos. Also, stay tuned for a feature on “Backstage at Google I/O” where we will highlight the developers and artists who helped to make the event possible this year.

Google I/O kicks off the year as our biggest developer event–but we’re only getting started. As of today, we are announcing locations for our eight Google Developer Days (GDDs), which will take place all over the world with more than a few DevFests in between. Stay tuned for more info on the 2011 event details, but we’ll look forward to seeing you in Brazil, Argentina, Prague, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Israel and Germany for our Google Developer Team world tour.

Google Earth: The Home Greenover Project

We’ve shown you some neat use of the Google Earth Plugin from EarthvisionZ in the past, such as the ATP World Tour site last November, but their latest site is certainly their best yet.

Fox 31 News in Denver is now running its Home Green-Over Project, a contest offering $75,000 worth of renewable energy products and services. This contest is especially cool because of the great use of the Google Earth Plug-in on the site, which gives users seven interactive 3D tours of an energy efficient home.


Along with the wide view of the home, many of the tours feature cut-away looks so that you can see the products and services offered inside of the home as well.


All in all, it’s presented very well and it’s a great way to show off this kind of content. Be sure to go check it out for yourself. EarthvisionZ will also be launching their new website on Earth Day next week, with a ton of great new features for both visitors and businesses.

Quantum GIS: Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding plus Google Maps (and OpenStreetMap and Yahoo) overlays

This video shows how to do Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding in Quantum GIS thanks to the “geocoding” plugin. To work the plugin will need a valid Google API key ( To understand better the results are used maps overlays from Google and OpenStreetMap. This is possible thanks to a plugin called “openlayers” that, as the name indicates, uses the OpenLayers APIs to add layers from Google (and OSM, and Yahoo) into the QGIS canvas.