Two new Google Geo Developers Videos

Last Fall we released the lost archives of the Google Geo Developers Series. Today, we are proud to announce two new videos by stars of the Google Maps API world.

First up, we have John Coryat. In 2007, John gave us Creating Custom Maps, one of our more popular videos in the Google Geo Developers Series. Today, we’re proud to present his latest, Simulating Markers with Tile Layers. A follow-up to Creating Custom Maps, this video presents advanced techniques in creating clickable tile layers. The techniques he describes are actually similar to those used by Google, for instance for rendering KML or Fusion Table Layers. This video talks about how to roll your own.

In our second video we have Chad Killingsworth. Chad presented with me at Google I/O last year in our session Map once, map anywhere, and is an official commiter to the Google Closure project. Fittingly enough, his video is on Using the Google Maps API with the Google Closure Compiler.