SketchUp Pro Case Study: Dan Tyree

Dan Tyree is an extremely prolific home designer who uses Sketchup Pro with LayOut for his presentations and documentation. He’s designed homes throughout the world. Dan writes:

I started using CAD products when they were still running on a DOS platform; I spent many years using expensive programs, but still struggled to find a good way to present in 3D for my clients. I started using Sketchup Pro as a solution for presentations, and used the DWG exporters to continue the drawings in CAD. I quickly realized that LayOut would allow me to completely eliminate my CAD program—I could create construction documents directly from the presentation model.

The Reese Residence designed in SketchUp and presented in LayOut

We use Sketchup and LayOut to create amazing presentations for our clients. We are able to show the design in rendered views or immersive videos. Clients are able to picture what the final product will be in vivid detail. We provide the SketchUp file to clients so they can experiment with colors, or just browse through their new home design. We post images and videos of the design on the client’s page (on our website) for their review.

LayOut provides everything we need to create construction documents.

Next, we take the SketchUp model and link it to a LayOut document in order to start developing the construction drawings. These drawings include full-color renderings and perspective views, as well as traditional black and white parallel projections. The interaction between the two products allows us to offer changes throughout the process, even right up to the moment of final printing.

“Skiatook”, presented in LayOut

PDF and CAD files are exported from LayOut. These are made available for our clients to download from our website. SketchUp and LayOut have made presenting a design and creating construction drawings a streamlined process, and have allowed us to provide an affordable custom design product.

New BBC Travel Maps (Beta)

New BBC Travel Maps (Beta)

New BBC Travel Maps (Beta)
Improved Navigation and live feeds (jamcams included), much better Travel News from the BBC.

What’s new:

  • Updated design, with wider pages and larger text.
  • Improved navigation, allowing movement between adjacent geographic areas
  • Interactive mapping, which can be minimised if you prefer the text incident list
  • Clearer timestamping of incidents.
  • Traffic jam cams showing frequently updated still images of traffic conditions on motorways and trunk roads

Addional Improvements

  • The text incident list has been updated to improve readability, and is synchronised with the map.
  • Local weather forecast from the BBC Weather Centre for the next 6 hours from now
  • Backend improvements to our data-handling system to categorise data, and speed up the reception and delivery of data to the site.

What’s not changed:

  • BBC’s comprehensive traffic and travel information remains at the core of the service, updated around the clock
  • The text list remains, and you can hide/minimise the map, to put the functionality of the site back to the way it used to be.
  • BBC have made the redesign as subtle as possible, in order to retain the things you’ve told us you like about the existing site.
  • In the final version of the site, you’ll be able to click to see a country-wide motorways or major roads overview from every page.
  • BBC’s door-to-door journey planner, powered by Transport Direct, remains but has been made more prominent.

Why a new version of BBC Travel News:

“Firstly, to update the design to take advantage of the BBC’s wider page layout, introduce maps across the site for the first time, and make some basic improvements to the presentation of our information
Secondly, to improve the data-handling processes behind the scenes, to allow us to separate the data into more useful groups, and reduce the time it takes for the data to reach you
Thirdly, to integrate traffic jam cameras (where available) into the main BBC Travel News website alongside our incident data”

Current BBC Travel Maps (Beta) Areas:

Birmingham beta
Black Country beta
Coventry beta
Herefordshire beta
Shropshire beta
Staffordshire beta
Warwickshire beta
West Midlands beta
Worcestershire beta
Wolverhampton beta

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