Bing Maps Token Service – Upgrade to Keys Today!

For our current Bing Maps Platform customers using the Bing Maps Token Service, we want to remind you that this service will be retired on March 30, 2012. Please be sure to upgrade any of your applications that are using the Bing Maps Token Service to Bing Maps Keys before this date to ensure that your access to the Bing Maps Platform is not interrupted.

What Bing Maps Platform API’s does this upgrade apply to?

This upgrade only applies to the following Bing Maps Platform API’s:

What are the benefits of using Bing Maps Keys instead of the Bing Maps Token Service?

  • Improved performance in accessing the Bing Maps Platform (i.e. the elimination of the requirement to call the Token Service prior to calling the Bing Maps API’s).
  • Unlike Bing Maps Tokens, Bing Maps Keys do not expire.
  • Enhanced management and reporting of your Bing Maps Platform usage (i.e. you can assign a unique Bing Maps Key to each of your applications to separately track the Bing Maps usage for each of your applications).

How can you tell if you are currently using the Bing Maps Token Service?

How do you get started with upgrading from the Bing Maps Token Service to Bing Maps Keys?

To get started, please follow the MSDN article, Migrating from Tokens to Keys, which explains how to obtain a Bing Maps Key, and provides guidance on upgrading your applications to Bing Maps Keys for applications using the Bing Maps AJAX Control, the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, or Bing Maps SOAP services.

RepRap Build This Weekend at CASA: Live Stream and Updates

This weekend the office is being taken over by the RepRap 3D printer build. The PayItForward team are in – a group of altruistic people who have RepRap machines, printing parts and gifting them to people who want to make a RepRap machine with the requirement that once the 3D printer is running, they print off a set and pass them on in the same fashion.

The team will be documenting, tweeting (under #uclpifp) and hopefully, ustreaming the build as they go, (we will update this post with the stream when it goes live Saturday morning).

Follow Steven (@frogo), Graham (@gklyne), Ben (@benosteen) and Dave (@dfflanders) for more information as it happens.

We will be in and out as well with updates Andy@digitalurban, CASA is moving to our new open plan offices next week so its a weekend of packing and updating on the 3D printer build.