New version of Safari browser

Safari is a browser initially designed as a platform for Apple Macintosh, but later created his own version and operating systems of Windows.

The program has a full set of features necessary for comfortable work on the Internet.Interface is equipped with tabs, bookmarks system, with means of searching and reading of RSS, and a module for automatically filling out forms.

Among the major changes in Safari five stand out:function Safari Reader, higher productivity, search using Microsoft Bing, expanded support for HTML5, and the new Safari Developer Program, under which developers can write their own extensions to the browser.According to Apple, for greater certainty, these extensions will work completely independently of the browser, which means that the stability of various additives will not affect the stability of the application as a whole.

Higher operating speed of Safari 5 is achieved in three ways.First, the processing speed of JavaScript has grown by 25 percent, and according to observations of its first users – even by 30%. Second is the improved caching – recorded in the browser cache more data types. Third, fifth in Safari appears pre-extraction of DNS.In practice this means that when you open a page Safari automatically passes through links on this page and search addresses. Thus, after you’ve clicked on a specific address, Safari will now be ready to immediately retrieve data from it.Safari 5 now uses the resources of the graphics card for faster processing of the contents of windows and tabs.

With speed indicators Safari does not differ significantly from modern solutions with similar features, and some even exceeded.However, developers argue that their browser has two times higher performance than that of Firefox when displaying pages in HTML format. Built-in RSS-client is not comfortable enough, while other solutions for Windows can be found more useful examples.

Safari supports many new features of HTML5, including the function to determine the location (Geolocation), full-screen mode for HTML5 video, hide the subtitles in HTML5 video elements of the new layout of the pages (article, aside, footer, header, hgroup, nav and section), the history of HTML5 AJAX, EventSource, WebSocket, attribute the function of dragging in HTML5, checking forms and HTML5 HTML5 Ruby.

Among other changes in Safari five stand out: a search with MS Bing; smart address bar (when entering text in the intelligent address bar search is performed to match the titles of Web pages in history and bookmarks, as well as parts of URL-addresses these web pages);setting tabs allows automatic opening of Web pages do not in separate windows, in new tabs, a search in the whole story was added to label the date of viewing the page, when you turn the mode “Private Browsing” in the smart address bar appears on the corresponding icon ;detection of potentially harmful scripts used in cross site scripting attacks through (XSS) and others.