Twain on Being Surprising


Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.”

–Mark Twain (1835–1910)
American writer

Do your actions…

  1. create a positive buzz about you and your work?
  2. make others want you as a part of their team?
  3. make your employer cringe at the thought of losing you to a competitor?
  4. make your customers excited about referring you to their colleagues?

You want your actions to scream value without the need for you to say a word. This is where you want to be – with those in your company and industry – and with those to whom you’re selling.

This is what creates true economic and job security – the value you and your team create for others.

This is care (what it’s all about).

When you have the opportunity over the next few days, set a reminder to review these four questions at the end of each month. Then, give yourself a little (objective) attention by reviewing them and creating an action plan to improve in each area where you feel you should.

Easier said than done… still needs to be done.

Everyone Depends on You

Your sales efforts impact everyone. Without them, everything stops.

That’s how important you are to your company and the people in it.

Every sales week and month, you and your team will almost certainly be presented with sales challenges and periods of time that test your resolve to make the next call and, in some cases, even question your career choice.

Perhaps this happens more for those of us in sales because our clear occupational purpose is to move product & drive revenue (very measurable and accountable results with no place to hide). If we hit a slump or a particularly challenging string of rejections, it can affect us very personally.

When you hit your difficult sales moments in the coming weeks and months, commit to doing two things…

First – pause and remember that challenges are experienced in all professions, but only those in sales have such an opportunity to be so directly responsible for the success of a business.

Second – focus & keep moving forward only with the sales tasks, activities and thoughts you know are necessary to achieving your sales objectives.

Easier said than done, but practiced well – a great habit is formed.