Google Tool Sends Alert When Satellite Imagery Is Updated

Barry Schwartz highlighted this new tool this morning that automatically alerts a user via email when the satellite imagery for a given area has been updated. The tool is super simple to use and provides you with a dashboard to unsubscribe from previous requests.

It is also a super simple way to ascertain lat/log to 14 levels of accuracy. This is useful if you are creating a KML file or an hCard code for you website to signal to Google your businesses’ physical location. The tool can be found at Here is a screen shot of the tool:

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine
Image from Google Maps Mania
Google Earth Engine uses Google Maps and Google Earth to present satellite imagery and current and historical data to enable global-scale monitoring and measurement of changes in the earth’s environment.

Using Earth Engine you can browse though the data catalog and select to view satellite imagery from MODIS and Landsat 5. If you then select ‘workspace’ you can view the satellite imagery overlaid on Google Maps.

Each satellite imagery data set comes with a timeline slide control, so you can select the date of the imagery you wish to view. The Map Gallery section allows you to browse through maps created by Google’s launch partners and the Earth Engine team.

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