Shortened URLs generated by Google Maps

Feature in Google Maps that automatically generated a Short URL (aka URL Shortner) to link to any page on Google Maps. This quickly became one of our most popular experiments, and today we’re excited to announce that we have graduated the Short URL into an official feature of Google Maps.

Starting today, when obtaining a link to a Google Map using the ‘Link’ button on the upper right-hand corner of the page, you now have the option of obtaining a convenient, shortened link by clicking on the ‘Short URL’ check box. Shortened URLs can make it easier to coordinate events and share maps with your friends.

Click on the link button to create a Short URL for a location

All  take advantage of Google’s recently announced shortening service. We only use to send you to Google web pages, and only Google Maps can generate a URL. This means that you can visit a a shortcut with confidence, and always know you will end up on a Google Maps page.


ShortForm: Mix and Share the World’s Videos


A new entertainment medium where you find continuous channels of the best videos, curated by a growing community of VJs. At ShortForm you can be a viewer, a VJ, or both. Viewers subscribe to channels of interest, lean back, and enjoy a continuous stream of videos. VJs mix and share the world’s best videos into continuous channels.

The developers at ShortForm worked with various YouTube Data APIs in order to deliver both the Viewer and VJ experience.

Google Earth: Four new cities added to Building Maker: Rome, New Orleans, Long Beach, Malibu

Last month Google added some new features to Building Maker and this month they’ve added some new cities. The new cities added are:

• Rome, Italy

• New Orleans, Louisiana

• Long Beach, California

• Malibu, California


To try them for yourself, simply head over to the Building Maker site and get started!

If you’re not yet familiar with Building Maker, you can read this post on getting started with it, or watch the short video below.