TripsQ and Foursquare Data


TripsQ is a data visualisation application that aims to help people make full use of the data they’ve generated through Foursquare. It uses all the data you have gathered while travelling, by turning your check-ins at airports into useful travel statistics.

Everyone who uses Foursquare can easily sign in to tripsQ and visualise their trips and travel itineraries. TripsQ also provides users with detailed statistics on the distance they’ve travelled, the amount of CO² they’ve produced during each trip and other information about their travels.

The site uses Google Maps to visualise your travels around the world. The map has been beuatifully styled with the Styled Maps feature to create a map that complements the overall design of the tripsQ website.

There are some other cool features coming soon as well. One planned feature is to show the tips left by your friends in each of the cities you visit. Another planned feature will be to show the distance you have walked during each of your trips.