The great Football resources in Google Earth


With NFL and NCAA football both in high gear, we thought we’d take a look at various football-related resources in Google Earth.

A few years back, Google showed off all of the 245 NCAA football stadiums, many of which are in 3D. You can explore them yourself using this KML file.



Another way to see them is by viewing some of the stadium collections on EarthSwoop, which allow you to fly from stadium to stadium via the Google Earth Plug-in: ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC 10, SEC and the entire NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, it’s worth checking out Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. It hosted the Super Bowl earlier this year, and it’s an amazing model. If you’re looking to play some football, you can check out the Google Earth-based football game that I created a few years ago. I’m sure it could be done better with the Google Earth Plug-in now, but it’s still pretty fun.

Cowboys Stadium, home of this years Super Bowl, looks great in 3D

As recently mentioned on the Google Lat Long blog, Cowboys Stadium — the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and host of the Super Bowl this year — looks amazing in 3D!

Like a few other recent areas, including the guide to Turkey that we posted this morning, the inside of the stadium is built out as well.


The interior is quite interesting; on one had, they have excellent details such as all of the handrails around the stadium. On the other hand, the imagery for the field itself is quite fuzzy. Still, it’s very cool to be able to fly around inside the stadium.

To see it for yourself, you can fly there in Google Maps “Earth View”, use this KML file to fly there in Google Earth, or watch the short video below that gives a nice tour of the model.