Nightingale on Constructive Discontent

“Were there none who were discontented with what they
have, the world would never
reach for anything better.

–Florence Nightingale (1820–1910)

English pioneer of modern nursing

No one really cares. (NORC)

Prepare with that in mind and you’re more likely to create something wonderful… your opening statements, your responses to the standard objections you hear, the follow-up voicemail messages you leave, the email responses you send, the reasons you give for why someone should buy from you.

It’s not that your prospects and customers shouldn’t care (or never care). It’s about earning their attention.

Paine on Watching Yourself

Character is much easier
kept than recovered.”

–Thomas Paine (1737–1809)
American political theorist & writer

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Sales character…

When you and your team are working with your prospects and customers (which should be about 85% of your time), remember that gray areas of communication can present serious challenges to the mutual trust level of your long-term relationships. Work to eliminate any omissions in your communication and be sure that all possible gray areas of understanding are minimized (it’s the truth piece of loving your people).

When you have a moment, invest some time (outside the money hours, as always) in a “gray and omissions check” of your standard sales statements, presentations, and other regular sales communications.

Think long-term as you develop your customer relationships and you’ll always be one of the best in the business… long-term.


A couple other thoughts for the holiday season…

How to better remember the names of people you meet at parties and events and how to keep your edge (and avoid becoming Monday morning’s water cooler talk).