I am now offering the option for advertisers to purchase ad space!  If you want your ad to show up on all pages of, you can purchase ad space via Paypal.


mapsys- 1/4:  $20 per month, includes one 125×125 image banner shown on each page of mapsys-info, in banner position #1 (shown in diagram below in red)

mapsys-160/600:  $45 per month, includes one 160×600 image banner shown on each page of, in banner position #2 (shown in diagram below in blue)




– No links for online gambling, adult content, or otherwise illegal content (or links for sites linking to such content) will be accepted. All submissions are subject to review prior to publishing.

– Advertiser must provide the image and URL for the link.  Images can be remotely hosted and can change as often as you like, but the link advertised cannot be changed without prior approval.

– Packages are purchased on a monthly basis, up to six months in advance.  Ads are not PPC (pay-per-click) and will display for the entire term purchased.

– Refunds will only be provided within 3 days of ad purchase, or in the event that the length of the contract cannot be fulfilled by purchase, please contact me by sending message in About Form. Please remember to send the image link and location in the Paypal notes, or you can submit later via email.