Google Apps Marketplace — Welcoming Developers Around the World

Great developers are everywhere, and with today’s App Tuesday we’re happy to welcome a new round of apps from around the world. Brightpearl joins us from the United Kingdom, SprinxCRM from the Czech Republic, Producteev’s founders hail from France, and Clio calls Canada home. With the addition of these apps to the Google Apps Marketplace, Google Apps customers now have access to over 90 apps from 25 countries outside the United States, including Australia, Germany, India, Russia, Singapore and more.

With our billing API planned for release later this quarter, we get a lot of questions from international developers wondering how the Marketplace payment policy will apply and whether or not their country will be supported. Our policy includes a revenue sharing exemption period which lasts until 3 months after the release of the Marketplace Billing APIs for a country where you are located. At launch, the number of supported countries will be limited, but like the Android Market the set of supported countries will expand in the following months.

Please see our FAQ for more information, and watch this blog or sign up to our email announcement list to be notified of changes.

If you’re an international developer and would like to build an app for the Google Apps Marketplace, Get Started now. Our team will also be traveling the world to the Google Developer Days and DevFests in São Paulo, Buenos Aries, Munich, Prague, and Moscow. If you’re attending those events, please stop by, introduce yourself and tell us about the exciting apps you’re building!

Posted by Steve Bazyl, Google Apps Marketplace Team

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