M.F.K. Fisher on Thinks and Thanks

“When we exist without thought
or thanksgiving we are not men,
but beasts.”

–M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992)
American writer

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Sales thanks…

Today’s SalesQuote is from Fisher’s book, How to Cook a Wolf (1942) – a cooking classic published during World War II as a guide to enjoying food during tough times and budgets.

Here’s more on Fisher and the book from The Takeaway last year (4 minutes). Interesting on its own but at about 2:45 they illustrate a great example of why we shouldn’t talk over others (because it sounds silly).

Tomorrow (and every day), we wish you great food and conversation wherever you might be.

To those still selling hard today (and on Friday)… We salute you.

(3 personal tips on eating, beyond just today)


In 1939 and 1940, we had two Thanksgiving days in the U.S. It all had to do with sales (here’s why).

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