C.C. Krulak on Conviction and Purpose

“I do not intend for ‘honor, courage, and commitment’ to be just words; I expect them to frame the way that we live and act.

–Charles C. Krulak (1942 – )
31st Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps

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Sales commitment…

If asked, what would you and your team say are your core values?

In the U.S. Marine Corps publication, “Sustaining the Transformation” (pdf), their’s are listed as Honor – Courage – Commitment. If you lead a team, the foreword (at a minimum) by General Krulak is time well-spent. It, along with the Fortune story “From Wharton to War“, is great leadership inspiration for creating a special team of people (and that’s what you want as a leader… isn’t it?).

So many great teamwork points in the Fortune piece (love the “bino” request).

Imagine if we could approach our work in the civilian world with the same commitment.

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