Horace on Right Now

“Carpe diem. Quam minimum credula postero.”

–Horace (65B.C.–8B.C.)
Roman poet

Sales inspiration…

Tomorrow (Feb. 22), in 1899, in one hour after dinner, Elbert Hubbard wrote a 1500-word essay (10-minute read) titled “A Message to Garcia.”

It’s one of our favorites (so much so, we included it in SalesTough).

A true story of initiative and responsibility, the piece went on to be printed more than 40 million times (it’s still well-known with the big dogs of business and required reading for Marine Corps recruits and Naval Academy students).

Hubbard’s first sales job… selling soap.

Read it online or download a free copy (share it with your team).

Got young kids? Download and read them the children’s version we created (Rowan to the Rescue).

(Here’s the recently produced PBS program on Hubbard. Chapter 8, Hubbard’s Rise, is the segment on the Garcia story.)