New versions of Google Analytics Management API

Google are releasing two new versions of the Google Analytics Management API into public beta: a brand new version 3.0 and a backwards compatible version 2.4. Both new versions migrate the Management API from the existing Google Data Protocol to Google’s new discovery-based API infrastructure. This impacts the way you request and handle data from the API.

All future development of the API will be done to version 3.0, so we also added some interesting new data, including:

  • Event goals are fully represented.
  • An internal web property id that can be used to deep-link into the Google Analytics user interface.
  • Profile configurations for the default page and site search query parameters.

With this change, we are also announcing the deprecation of the legacy version 2.3 of the Management API. It will continue to work for 2 months, after which all v2.3 requests will return a v2.4 response.

The biggest changes in switching to the new versions are that you now need to register your applications via the Google APIs Console and use a developer token. Also, the URL endpoints have changed, which influence how you request OAuth authorization tokens.

For complete details on what’s new, see today’s post on the Google Analytics Blog. If you have any questions or concerns, please join the conversation in our Management API developer group.