45º imagery update for various U.S. cities – Part II

We’re now well into the new year, and to kick off 2011, the Geo Imagery team has just rolled out some refreshed 45° imagery for a number of places in the United States. So whether you already miss the places you may have visited over the holiday season, or you’re looking for new vacation spots to travel to this year, you can now escape the winter weather and check them out virtually from the comfort of your warm and dry home.
Did you ever want to spend an afternoon sailing on a tall ship? Well if you happen to be in Norfolk, VA you can give the American Rover Tall Ship a try.
American Rover Tall Ship, Norfolk, Virginia
If you’re not into ships, then you might be interested in the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson, AZ where you can check out the beautiful nighttime sky.
Kitt Peak Observatory, Tucson Arizona
If you just want to relax and have a good time, consider having a loot at New Orleans. Mardi Gras is only a few months away!
Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
And fans of art can visit the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Salvador Dali’s Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida
We wish you well as you embark on your virtual trips around the U.S. viewing these and other interesting sites. And stay tuned because there’s plenty more to come in 2011!
Full list of cities that’ve been updated:
Albuquerque, NM
Contra Costa County, CA
Escondido, CA
Long Beach, CA
Norfolk, VA
New Orleans, LA
San Antonio, TX
St Petersburg, FL
Tucson, AZ
Van Nuys, CA