TomTom working on it’s own Street View


TomTom’s already seen Google muscle in on its turf in a big way, and it looks like it might now be trying to return the favor. If camera-toting vans like the one above are any indication, it would appear that the company is currently working to bolster its navigation options with its own Street View-like service. So far, all of the van sightings seem to be confined to Europe (France and Belgium, specifically), and they of course don’t necessarily confirm that TomTom is indeed working on a Street View competitor — although we have to wonder what the vans are for if it’s not. It’s also worth noting that TomTom did acquire TeleAtlas, which uses vans equipped with cameras, lasers and GPS in the actual creation of its maps, but the higher, 360-degree camera used on these vans seems much closer to those used on Google’s Street View cars.

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