How to export to KML from the new Google Maps?


As part of the recent Google Maps redesign, the ability to export your map to KML was mistakenly removed. According to a post in the Google Maps support forum, the feature will be added back in to Google Maps as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s a workaround for you:

1 — Set the map the way you’d like it.

2 — Click the “link” icon in the top right corner.

3 — Copy the link below the “Paste link in email or IM”.

4 — Paste the address into your address bar and then add &output=kml to the end of it.

The image below helps explain how steps #2 and #3 work:


No timeframe was given for the return of the KML link, but I expect they’ll fix it fairly soon. Let us know if you have any trouble getting this workaround to work for you.

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