King on Perfect Timing


Now is the time…”

–Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929–1968)
American civil rights leader
Nobel Peace Prize winner

Take action.

Make the call (contact).
Ask the (real) questions.
Seek out the objections (the truth).

You’re in sales. Everyone depends on you.

Disaster Hot Zones

io9 natural disaster map

io9 has produced a map of the world’s natural disaster hot zones. “Most of the disasters we’ve highlighted here are caused by nature, and only occasionally helped along by humans. … How did we decide where disaster hot zones were? By looking at previous incidents of disaster in a given region, as well as places where fault lines and giant gobs of magma wait under the Earth for the perfect time to spew. Of course these kinds of forward-looking statements are subject to change.”

SketchUp Demo Slam by Indy Mogul

Google Demo Slam is a little piece of tech we put together to help people wrap their heads around all the cool/useful stuff that Google offers. It’s the perfect way to wake up after stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving turkey.

Here’s a SketchUp Demo Slam by DIY filmmaker Erik Beck of Indy Mogul:

Want to join in? Make your own Demo Slam and help us spread the SketchUp love.