Traffic information from Google Maps in Sweden and Taiwan

When you turn to Google Maps to get from A to B, we want to help you find the quickest way to get there. Knowledge about the current traffic conditions on the roads can help you determine when to set out on your journeys and which routes to take.

With this in mind, we’ve just expanded our coverage of traffic information on Google Maps to include Sweden and Taiwan. Users in both places can now check the latest on road congestion with their desktop browsers or mobile phones. The traffic information covers all major thoroughfares as well as arterial roads in select cities.

Traffic information around Stockholm, Sweden

When accessing Google Maps, the widget in the upper-right allows you to select additional map layers that display more detailed information. To view traffic information, move your mouse over the widget and select the “Traffic” layer. The colors you see indicate the current traffic speed relative to the speed limit of the road. Red/black means stop start traffic, red is heavy congestion, yellow is a little slow, and green means you’re good to go. This traffic information is updated every few minutes.

While on the go, you can see this same useful information by enabling the traffic layer on Google Maps for mobile, and help improve the traffic data as well. Here’s wishing everyone safe and swift travels!

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