Android app for Google Offers


Google announcing their new Google Offers mobile app, that allows you to discover, buy and redeem your favorite deals on the go. The free app will notify you about all the great Offers that match your interests. You can purchase offers in just a few clicks and even redeem paperlessly with select merchants.


Check out today’s deal from REI on the Google Offers app: $15 for $25 to spend on gear at the national outdoor retailer.

Visit Android Market to download the app and check out to learn more about Google Offers.

The Google Offers mobile app is only available in the US.

Nothing but the web

We believe in the vision of “nothing but the web” — where business applications are delivered over the Internet and accessed in a web browser. Why? We believe the web brings substantial benefits for companies that no other IT model can — in simplicity, cost, security, flexibility and pace of innovation.

Of course, we recognize that some companies have substantial investments in legacy technology — desktop applications or client/server applications which they’re using every day. We’d like to understand what it will take to move these apps to the web.

Are you a business app developer?

Do you build or maintain business applications– either internally for your company or for sale to other companies? We’d love to hear more about your apps, tools and what types of challenges you have. Please fill out this short survey and let us know whether you’d be interested in a potential HTML5 training class.

Are you a business user or IT administrator?

We’d love to hear what apps you’re still using in your business which haven’t yet moved to the web and why. Please fill out this short survey.

The New Blogger

Blogger rolled out some nice new stuff this week. It’s different inside and out. As a heavy user of Blogger (you’re soaking in it!), I’m happy with anything that helps us make a better blog for you to read. If you have a Blogger blog of your own, here are a couple of the changes you’ll notice:

  • Each settings page has a button that starts a new post. Creating posts is what bloggers do most, and now you always can get to the post editor with one click.
  • You can see traffic and other stats in one place. The new Overview page shows you page views, comment activity, follower counts, and more.

For more information on what’s new in Blogger, and to find out how to turn on the new features, see this Blogger Buzz post.

Adding features to software is hard enough. Bumping celestial bodies around is another matter entirely. Hexi Baoyin of Tsinghua University has suggested giving a gentle shove to an asteroid so that it ends up in Earth orbit.