How did Belgrade get such great 3D models?

If you’ve visited Belgrade in Google Earth lately, you may have been surprised by the quality of the 3D buildings there. Belgrade is not available in Building Maker, and it’s not a city that’s had some auto-generated buildings from Google placed there, but yet there are a ton of models in the city. Beyond that, these buildings are good. Notice the 3D bushes on the balcony of this building, and the 3D trees (which aren’t the new “Version 6” trees) below:


The idea to model Belgrade came from Zeljko Zdravkovic, who himself has modeled well over 500 buildings that you’ll find in Google Earth. In fact, the “Lets build digital Belgrade” collection in the 3D Warehouse has well over 800 models in it!

Zeljiko recently gave a presentation in the council building of New Belgrade, where he was able to show what he’s accomplished, discuss how the process works, and share future plans for 3D buildings in other local areas.

To see Belgrade for yourself, you can fly there using this KML file. Great work Zeljiko!