How Big Africa Really Is ?

The True Size of Africa is a map by Kai Krause that truly clarifies just how big this continent is. I mean, you know in your mind it’s big but do you really get it. Carefully looking at it, you’re awed by the facts that it can hold the United States, China, India, Europe and Japan with its 30.2 million square kilometers.

Джонни Депп и начальной самых популярных в 2010 году в соответствии с IMDb

Из IMDb выявлены десять самых популярных фильмов и кинозвезд. Поисковые запросы пользователей и рейтинги фильмов и актеров имеют решающее значение в подготовке списка.

Джонни Депп был признан самым популярным актером в прошлом году, по данным IMDb STARMeter. Лучший фильм делает Genesis (начало), далее следуют “История игрушек 3 и социальная сеть.

Каждый пользователь может создать свой собственный рейтинг своих любимых фильмов и актеров.Все списки можно увидеть в недавно открывшемся разделе “Обзор событий года”, которую можно найти и списки членов с сайта.

Вот полный список из десяти самых популярных звезд в 2010 году:

1. Джонни Депп;
2. Кристен Стюарт;
3. Роберт Паттинсон;
4. Леонардо ДиКаприо;
5. Брэд Питт;
6. Роберт Дауни-младший;
7.Кристиан Бэйл;
8. Джерард Батлер;
9. Меган Фокс;
10. Зои Салдана.

Это шестой раз, что Депп первое место в рейтинге. Роберт Паттинсон, который впервые в прошлом году, в настоящее время треть. Кристен Стюарт снова заняла второе место.

Лучшие 10 фильмов на 2010 год являются:

1. Начало
2. История игрушек 3
3. Социальная сеть
4. Как приручить дракона
5. Запутанный
6. Kick-Ass
7. Shutter Island
8. Гарри Поттер и Дары смерти: Часть 1
9. Скотт Пилигрим против Всемирная
10. Город

Интересно, что три из первых пяти фильмов в списке анимированные. Важно также отметить, что Kick-Ass и шотландец Пилигрим против Всемирный не выиграл много денег сейчас, но потребители полагают, что-то запомнить их.

When Will Google Places Fix Reviews?

Reviews about a business are one of the key jewels in the bag of online marketing tools available. Businesses work hard to get good reviews and benefit from the positive word of mouth when the shopping community lauds them. Google has had on-going trouble keeping track of these jewels, loosing their own and those from 3rd parties all too often. Now with recent changes, Google seems to have added new problems and bugs to their handling of reviews.

With the rollout of Hotpot and user ratings, Google appears to have made massive internal changes to their review process. Reviews with Google have always been flakey but now they are even more so with half baked changes that make providing reviews on Google Places more friction laden then ever.

I think this screen, shown when you click in Places to see the reviews provided by an anonymous “Google User”, says it all:

Apparently, Google is attempting to make anonymous review histories available for perusal but there have been serious flaws in the process that have not been fixed for well over a month. The error message above has been visible for over 3 weeks but even worse is that reviews from new anonymous reviewers are often not posting at all onto Places leaving reviewers and businesses confused.

In early November, Google removed the user names from reviews of reviewers that did not have public profiles. Apparently this was in preparation for the change over to anonymously showing those reviews. Google noted in mid November that “If you don’t have a public Google profile, your existing ratings & reviews will be attributed anonymously, e.g. to “A Google User””.

But this changeover has never been completed. About 3 weeks ago, anonymous reviews started showing a link titled “A Google User” but when clicked it led to the 500 error page and has done so ever since. I suppose not very many people witness this inexcusable web error that deep into Places but worse is that Google has often not been posting anonymous reviews from new users at all since early November. They seem to have dropped into a black hole, one presumes to return once Google has fixed these problems with the handling of anonymous reviews. But once again creating more confusion and friction in the review process.

Some reviews have been pulled because of quality issues and that is a good thing. Some reviews have been lost just because (my listing lost 28 or so reviews in early summer) and this has always been the case, but adding insult to injury by having such a crudely finished product is inexcusable. Misplacing, loosing and randomly not showing reviews from anonymous, new reviewers is even worse.

Google Places wants the SMBs of the world to be transparent and have all information about them visible to the world (often with no recourse when it is wrong) but they apparently seem incapable of the same standards of transparency when handling that data. Its time for Google to get their local Review act together.