Launching Google Game Developer Central

Today, the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) officially kicks off in San Francisco. From browser technologies to cloud storage solutions, Google has many products and services that can be useful to game developers. Until now, it was hard for developers to track down information on how Google can help them build, distribute and monetize their games. This is why we are excited to release Google Game Developer Central.

Google Game Developer Central provides an overview of Google products and services that are particularly relevant to game developers. You’ll be able to explore different platforms like Chrome, learn about technologies such as GWT, WebGL and HTML5, and check out monetization options like AdMob.

This is just the first iteration of Google Game Developer Central. In the next few months, we plan to add additional content to make this an even better resource for all game developers. If you’d like to give us feedback on how to improve the site, please join our developer forum or for those of you at GDC, stop by our booth on the expo floor. We look forward to meeting you in person!

By Ian Ni-Lewis, Game Developer Relations Team

Optimizing your site for TV is now easier

Ever since we launched Google TV last October, we’ve seen web developers optimize their sites for TV with amazing results. However, designing a 10 foot UI and implementing controls optimized for the television is still a foreign concept for most web developers. Understanding that challenge, we’re happy to release new templates and a UI library to make it easy for developers to optimize their sites for TV.

Google TV comes with the Chrome browser that supports familiar technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and Flash. Keeping this in mind, we have created two template designs in HTML5 and Flash that are focused on delivering video content, but equally suitable for photos or other multimedia:

For those developers who prefer to design their own 10 foot UI, we’ve created the Google TV Web UI Library to enable TV friendly controls such as D-pad (up, down, left, right) navigation. To accommodate different web developers needs, the Google TV Web UI Library is provided in 2 different flavors; jQuery based and Closure based. Get started by downloading the library and reading the documentation and tutorials.

Both the templates and the library are available under the Apache 2 license. As always, we love to hear your feedback. Please post comments and questions on the library and templates to our Google TV Web Developer Forum. Happy coding!

BigQuery, meet Google Spreadsheets

Since announcing BigQuery at Google IO last May, we’ve been very excited by the response and feedback we’ve received from the developer community, enterprises and academia. The one consistent request we heard from everyone is the ability to interactively analyze large volumes of data without having to worry about provisioning, maintaining and scaling infrastructure.

Today, we would like to announce the integration of BigQuery with Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets, a feature we first demoed at Google IO. With this integration users now have the power to query multi-billion row tables, visualize the results and share them with others. Below you can see a simple script that queries a sample dataset and plots the results. A simple tutorial is available here with more to come soon.

We’ve seen a big uptake of the APIs (released in October) which let you create, populate and delete tables in BigQuery. Users have been loading more and more data in BigQuery. For instance the current M-Lab dataset in BigQuery stands at 240B rows!

The details of BigQuery and new features are available on the BigQuery website. We are gradually adding more developers during this free preview period. Please sign up for an invitation, and let us know about the creative and valuable ways you’re using BigQuery.